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Organization : Viswa Manavata Samstha
Project Name : Global Youth Movement
Project Type : Help Needy
Project Description : "Global Youth Movement" program is to channelize youth powers towards real self and social development. To create better awareness among youth about their social responsibility & self development
We request you to support this movement to build a better society.
It is simple to participate.. just sign up the following pledge:

* I would like to participate in Global Youth Movement by making myself a good citizen. I will utilize my time for good cause to serve the purpose of my life. I will not do anything, which is harmful to others or me.
* I will utilise my time to serve poor, to read good books, to share my knowledge, to be with good friends and to know myself better.
* I will not waste my time for useless discussions or actions. I will make myself more productive to make this earth a better place to live with peace and harmony.
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Location :
Current Status : Pending
Start Date : 01-Dec-2006
End Date (Planed) :01-Jan-2014
Actuval Completion Date :01-Jan-1970
Funds Allocated : 0.00
Funds Utilized :

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