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Manavata Meeting with DEO of East Godavari district

Srini and team met with DEO Mr. Srinivasulu reddy to discuss about two points, Response from DEO and his team was very good. Director of Rajiv Vidya Mission Mr. Lakman kumar also attended this meeting. 

  1. To make one of the schools as model schools with the core concepts of innovative / practical learning, inspiration, personality development, Yoga, Health and social responsibility.  At present it is easy for us implement this model school in our village Lolla, Rayavaram Mandal as we have been running Manavata Ashram there for past 10 years.
  2. To organize a 3 day workshop to teachers, initial a trail workshop we can do in 3rd week of July as I will be around east Godavari area at that time.  Either you can link up with any scheduled trainings or organize one for teachers of different schools. Ideally 2 teachers for each school, 40 to 50 teachers would be good enough to start with. We deliver necessary presentations and lectures for those 3 days, which also includes Yoga, health awareness, environmental responsibility, latest brain techniques to bring excellence from every child. Based on your confirmation, I will invite our volunteers for guest lectures and seminars within the workshop.


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