Manavata Homeopathy Awareness Seminar - 22 Sep 18, Saturday

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As many of us know how the natural diseases become chronic in nature when suppressed by improper treatment. Dr. Hahnemann founder of Homeopathy, espoused the law of cure known as "Like Cures Like". This means that a remedy that produces symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms when manifested by a person in a diseased state. This law of cure has been verified by millions of homeopaths all over the world since the time of Hahnemann.

Manavata is glad to have an online Homeo Seminor with Homeo expert Dr. GKB Gouda (Bsc, Msc, BHMS) who has over 40+years in homeopathy, Ayurveda, Gem therapy, Batch flower remedies, etc, treated 1000s of patients and cured complex cases including cancer, arthritis, insomnia, Hypertension, BP, some diabetic cases, gangrene, alimentary canal diseases, kidney stones, leaves problems-obstructive jaundice, pancreatitis, appendicitis, dengue, delirious cases, etc.


Please utilize the opportunity to get register before 21/09 for this first online Homeo seminar. 

The registered members get the audio and video conference details.

The seminar covers:

- Homeopathy as alternate medicine

- First aid medical kit

- common problems like frequent cough/cold, Sinus, Constipation, skin allergies, Diabetes, Blood pressure etc

- Further online Homeo course details

When: 22 Sep 2018 @7 PM to 9 PM

Where: Online audio/video conference

Cost: Free seminar

Please feel free to contact Sharad on +44 7912 649659 if you need any further assistance in the registration.

Registration link -

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Event Details

Manavata Homeopathy Awareness Seminar - 22 Sep 18, Saturday event is conducting at Online on Saturday, 22 Sep 2018 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

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Where : Online
When : Saturday, 22 Sep 2018
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 447501069241



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