Kerala Flood Relief

**** Manavata flood relief and rehabilitation activities in Kerala ****

Latest update from Kerala: 16th Sep:

Currently our founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri is in Kerala and actively involved in relief activities with Manavata Kerala / local volunteers. Anish, Basuran, Narayanan, Leena Thomas, Anil, Tulasi, Jiji and other volunteers are helping in different areas. Manavata has been working with different villages which are highly effected by floods. Food kits distribution last week went on well, now in Kaladi, helping for Clothe distribution. This week, planned for school kits distribution in Patthanam thitta and Allappy areas. 

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Fund raising (10 lacs+ target): So far around 4 lacs funds and other material has been gathered and reached the needy people at the correct time.

Dear Friends,

As you know, Kerala is experiencing the worst floods since 1924. 30 out of the 35 dams have opened, more than 324 people have lost their lives, a 100,000 people are in shelters. There seems to be no sign of the rains dying down. Boats have been deployed across the state to reach thousands of people stranded by floodwater, and fishermen had been asked to help with rescue efforts.Officials announced the entire state was subject to a red alert Wednesday, the highest level, indicating the extent of the disaster which has forced tens of thousands of people to seek shelter in relief camps.Railway and road transport have been all but halted with railway tracks and roads submerged under water. Operations at the international airport in the city of Kochi have been suspended until Saturday due to flooding.

It is our duty to help out as much as we can. Please think about your fellow countrymen when you donate.

Manavata has taken up initiatives for flood relief in worst impacted areas. Kerala volunteers are working at ground to distribute food and help in other emergency relief material. We are also distributing school kits for kids in villages of Kerala. 

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Ways to Donate


donations are 501(c)(3) tax exempted. To donate in USD, please use the below link. It has Payment link and donor form.

 Mukund Gorla, Vinoy or Chakri

INDIA (donations are 80G tax exempted)

To donate from India / INR 
Please use following account for online transfer or donate online 

dontations are tax exmpted under 80G

Name Vishwa Manavata Samastha
Account Number: 004001037351
IFSC Code: ICIC0000040
Bank Name: ICICI,Hyderabad
Branch Name: Madhapur
Contact Number +91-9966673111


To donate in GBP, please use this link:

also make sure you select "Gift aid" when you donate online.  

Contacts: Kalyan Petluru or Leena Thomas​


Vounteer to support ground level activites :-

We greatly appreciate if you can volunteer for couple of days or couple of weeks to help people in worst impacted areas. if you can volunteer with us, please contact us immediately. we will take care of your travel and other arrangements for you to get into ground level activities.

Thank you


Manavata USA Chapter
Service to Man is Service to God

Manavata (Humanity) Is A Symbol Of Selfless Service, Empathy And An Attempt To Help The Needy. Manavata Is A Non Profitable, Non Religious Voluntary Organization Working For The Development Of The Society. It Is A Common Platform For Many Volunteers And Social Service Organizations

Event Details

Kerala Flood Relief event is conducting at Kerala on Sunday, 19 Aug 2018 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : Kerala
When : Sunday, 19 Aug 2018 to Friday, 31 Aug 2018
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 14082429851



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