Special 3H Workshops in UK by Srini

Manavata Annual UK events schedule and special workshops by Sri Srinivasa Alluri is as follows:

Date Event Location Time Voluteer Contact
19-May Healthy Living and Yoga Meditation Session Cardiff 10 am to 1pm Aravana Suresh 07504 563494
20-May Yoga teachers training  Reading 5:30am to 10:30am Jayanthi  
20-May Healthy Living and Yoga Meditation Session Bradley Stoke 4 to 7pm Leena Thomas 7707856648
21 May Healthy Living and Yoga Meditation Session Manchester 7pm to 9pm Dr. Raghunath  

Manavata Annual USA Events

Date Event Location Time Volunteer Contact
23rd May to 12th June SFO and Bay area events SFO / Santa Clara / Sunnyvale/ Bay area / CA/LA   Mukund, Chakri, Raghu, Srikanth  
26th May Volunteers meeting Mill Valley   Mukund  
27th May Yoga, Meditation & Healthy Living workshop Sunnyvale 7:30 to 9am Chakri  
  Krida Yoga & meditation workshop Fremont 3pm to 6pm Srikanth, Raghu  
28th May Kids Cyclinng and Krida Yoga, meditation for families Sunnyvale 8:30am to 12 Chakri, Aruna  
  Health conselling Sunnyvale      
29th May Yoga session and Full moon day meditation Sunnyvale      
2nd June          
3rd June Yoga therapy and Meditation  Livermore 9am to 12 Vinoy, Udayshankar  
8th to 10th June Manavata US Nature get together: family event Mt. Modona        
16th June IDY: Yoga therapy, Meditation, Krida Yoga workshops Virgenia    Hari / Teja  
17th June IDY: New York Manavata Yoga Inspiration event New York 3pm to 6pm    
18th June IDY 2018:​ Yoga Workshop New York 6am to 8am    
19th June IDY 2018:​ Yoga Workshop ilford 6pm to 8pm Rao  
20th June Healthy Living for children in school Sutton 2pm     
20th June IDY 2018:​ Yoga Workshop Sutton 6pm to 8pm    
21st June IDY 2018: Yoga & Holistic Health / Marma Therapy  Parliament House, London 6pm to 9pm Kalyan  
13th May

Yoga, Better Parenting, Yoga Therapy & Healthy Living Workshop

Swindon 3pm to 7pm Kalpana  
18th May Yoga Session Bristol 6pm to 8pm Leena  
19th May Healthy Living, Yoga Therapy Workshop Cardiff 10am to 1pm    


Date Event Location Time Voluteer Contact
12th May Yoga Therapy & Healthy Living Workshop Milton Keynes 2pm to 5pm Sharadkumar Patil 7912649659
13th May Kriyas / Direct Session Practice Reading 6 am to 10 am Jayanthi Praveen  
13th May Yoga and Healthy Living Swindon 3pm to 7pm Kalpana / Lokendra Sharma 7546269342



Manavata UK Chapter
Humanity is Our Identity

Manavata (Humanity) is a symbol of selfless service, empathy and an attempt to help the needy. Manavata is a registered charity (Charity Number: 1120315). a Not-for-profit with secular nature. working with the mission of creating Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) world


  • To promote healthy and echo-friendly life style
  • To provide practical value education for children to make them healthy & responsible 
  • To work for humanitarian causes such as help poor, needy children, disabled, distressed, diseased & old

Ideals: Tolerance and Universal acceptance
Motto: Unity & Integrity to work for self-less cause.

Membership: sign up online

Volunteer: We welcome you to join any of the voluntary activities based on your area of interest. so that we can get in touch with you to get involved.

Event Details

Special 3H Workshops in UK by Srini event is conducting at UK all location on Saturday, 12 May 2018 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to manavata@gmail.com.

Venue Details

Where : UK all location
When : Saturday, 12 May 2018 to Sunday, 22 Jul 2018
More Details : www.manavata.org
Email : uktrustee@manavata.org
Phone : 447501069241



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