Free Natural Farming Training and Yoga, Meditation classes @ UFH

We are pleased to inform you that Manavata University for Humanity is hosting a farmers training and providing Yoga and Meditation training for school children to lead their schools. 

Part of this camp, farmers also will learn soil health, crops, medicinal plants, hearty culture techniques, biodiversity, ZBNF practices, intercropping, healthy food, Yoga, Meditation, various techniques suitable for different soil type and environmental conditions.

This event brings unity and lot of positive spirit among several humanitarians and innovative farmers who can be the change makers for sustainable development.

These days some craziness towards organic farming, But many people doesn’t know really how they can reduce their investment and still produce high yielding of crops. That’s the reason we see organic products are very expensive. In order to understand and practice proven methods of sustainable agriculture, one must dedicate some time for this kind of rare training opportunity.

ప్రకృతి సాగు......                                                                                     ఆరోగ్యం బాగు .....

ప్రకృతి వ్యవసాయ శిక్షణా తరగతులు మరియు యోగ, ధ్యాన శిక్షణా తరగతులు

27-01-2019న వనపర్తి జిల్లా, కొత్తకోట మండలం, మిరాశపల్లి గ్రామములోని మానవతా విశ్వ విద్యాలయము నందు, నిపుణుల పర్యవేక్షణలో రైతులకు అవగాహన సదస్సు,  ప్రకృతి వ్యవసాయ శిక్షణా తరగతులు, యోగ సాధనఆరోగ్య జీవనం పై  శిక్షణ ఉదయం 9 గం|| నుండి సాయంత్రం 5 గం|| నిర్వహించబడుతున్నవి.

ఈ శిక్షణా తరగతుల నమోదుకు మరియు మరిన్ని వివరములుకు సంప్రదించవలసిన  ఫోన్ నంబర్స్: 91-9966673111, 9966673293


Manavata Hyderabad Chapter
Service to Man is Service to God

Manavata (Humanity) Is A Symbol Of Selfless Service, Empathy And An Attempt To Help The Needy. Manavata Is A Non Profitable, Non Religious Voluntary Organization Working For The Development Of The Society. It Is A Common Platform For Many Volunteers And Social Service Organizations.

Event Details

Free Natural Farming Training and Yoga, Meditation classes @ UFH event is conducting at University for Humanity on Sunday, 27 Jan 2019 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : University for Humanity
When : Sunday, 27 Jan 2019
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 9966673111



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Name Role Comments
M.Ramachandram Participant Actually I would like to be a volunteer,and also want to participate in natural forming programs.
Veer Participant I'd like to be part of this course, let me know how and what needs to be done from my end



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