Chennai Flood Relief Event 2015

Manavata has initiated flood relief activities in chennai and has been working on immediate relief activities like arraning fresh food for impacted areas. So far emergency relief has reached to 5000 people with food, clothes, blankets, mosquto coils, candles etc to several families who are stuck in water. To organize food and other distributioni we have setup a base camp in Rayapuram and made things so far successful. around 60 volunteers have involved as part of this program. volunters from Hyderabad, Bangalore and Tirupathi also came here generously to help in these events. Number of local volunteers done a great work during distribution to right needy people.

As there are 150+ villages suffering from continous rains in past one month Bhuvanagiri (near Chidambaram) area, we have sent some material there. next phase of operations are also getting planned in that location. we have been doing need study with our ground level volunteers to assess current situation and need. some of the worst hit areas needs medical assistance, some temporary relief like blankets, mats, kirosin stoves, mosquoto coils, anti septic sybol etc. 

Donate your used Blankets or Mats: (Cudalore District relief activities: )

we have identified an immediate need of 3000+ blankets in costal TN. If you are not using it, just recyle for an urgent need to poor families in remote villages in Coastal TN.. Much appreciate your help. Just drop in our Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore Centres.  (call:09966673111 or mail us on, appreciate you can help us in collecting)

Voluneteer: If you would like to volunteer you can join the team so that we can scale up distribution to many more people who are in need in different places.

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Key Contacts:

Srini: 9704569932 / Khalai: 9940144985(main co-ordination)

Prakash: 9849057179 / Naresh: 8142132913 (Co-ordination)
Helpline: 9966673111

Donate: It is about just money, give heart to those victims in need.. you may contribute in different ways voluntaring or donating money: we appreaciate any your timely help:


Manavata Chennai Chapter
Service to Man is Service to God

Manavata (Humanity) is a symbol of selfless service, empathy and an attempt to help the needy. Manavata is a non profitable, non religious voluntary organization working for the development of the Society. It is a common platform for many volunteers and social service organizations

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Chennai Flood Relief Event 2015 event is conducting at Chennai on Thursday, 03 Dec 2015 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

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Where : Chennai
When : Thursday, 03 Dec 2015 to Thursday, 31 Dec 2015
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Email :
Phone : 919840217831



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