Manavata Yoga Sessions In London

Manavata is organizing Yoga sessions & camps in UK as part of it$s health services. These sessions helping number of people in terms of improving health, curing diseases and ailments, stress management, peace of mind, developing positive think


Viswa Manavata Samstha
Service to Man is Service to God

Manavata (Humanity) Is symbol of selfless service, empathy and an attempt to serve needy without expecting anything like name, fame or money. Manavata is a not-for-profit, secular, voluntary organization, working for the development of the Society. It is a common Platform For Many Volunteers And Social Service Organizations. (Registration Number: Regd. No. 3417 / 01)

Event Details

Manavata Yoga Sessions In London event is conducting at Please Enter Venue on Friday, 11 Nov 2005 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : Please Enter Venue
When : Friday, 11 Nov 2005
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 9966673111



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Name Role Comments
Srinivasa Chowdary Alluri (NULL) Speaker
Vijay Kumar Appasani (NULL) Speaker
P B M Vamsi Krishna (NULL)
VikramadityaReddy J (NULL)
S Surya Narayana Reddy (NULL) speaker
vishnu kumar (NULL) speaker
sridhar Jakkaraju (NULL) participent
Ajay Reddy (NULL) participent
Nagu (NULL) participent
MadhavaKumar Chundru (NULL)
Narendra Varma (NULL)
sridhar kakarla (NULL) no need
Sangeetha Yechuri (NULL) Participant
sai ramesh (NULL) Speaker
subrahmanyam Adabala (NULL) Participent
d v phani kumar (NULL)
surya prakash alluri (NULL)
Sree Veerendra Kumar Patneedi (NULL) Participent
G. J. Ravi Kumar (NULL) Participent
Venkata Rammohan Chittajallu (NULL) NO
Narayana Choudary (NULL) no need
Krishna Reddy (NULL) no need
Seshu Alluri (NULL) no need
Ravi Chandra y (NULL) no need
Gopi Chowdary (NULL) no need
Trimurthy M (NULL) no need
Pradeep P J G (NULL) no need
Satya Praveen R (NULL) no need
Tallapudi Purushothama Naidu (NULL)
venkat (NULL)
B. Hema Latha (NULL)
Ranganatham Veluru (NULL)
Rajesh Ponnam (NULL) NO need of any special accomidation
reddyveer (NULL)
chinna reddy (NULL) participent
prapulla (NULL) member
Bolla Srinivasu (NULL) participent
Venugopal Mallarapu (NULL) Participant
Prasanna (NULL)
Kavitha (NULL)
Siva Naga Jyothi M (NULL) no need
Srinivas Balusu (NULL)
Rajesh Palukuri (NULL)
kvvrk chowdary (NULL) no need
Ravindra Babu (NULL)
Ravindra Babu (NULL)
Prasad Gunnam (NULL) participent
Nimmakayala Prasad (NULL) participent
GN Srinivas (NULL) participent
Nagamani Eagalapati (NULL) participent
Venkata Sudheer Ch (NULL) participent
Vijaya Laxmi Jasthi (NULL) participent
Bhagya Laxmi (NULL) participent
Sai Babu Seva (NULL) participent
Revanth Reddy Medapathi (NULL) participent
Prabhakar Manthi (NULL) participent
Eswar Indela (NULL) participent
Veerababu Jasti (NULL) participent
Bhavani Shankar Chowdary Yeluri (NULL)
Sridhar (NULL) Participent
Murali Mohan C (NULL)
SreeMani Adabala (NULL) participent
Rapolu Venkateshwar Rao (NULL) Participent
Rohit Kshirsagar (NULL) Participent
Rama (NULL) participent
V.V.Ramana (NULL) participant
Tatayya M (NULL) participent
jvbmwevm Volunteer



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