Manavata Fund For Natural Disaster Emergency Relief

As we had bad experiences with number of natural calamities, especially during this year(2005) there are different kinds of devastated disasters happened through out the world starting from Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Heavy rains, Floods, Earth quakes, Cyclones


Viswa Manavata Samstha
Service to Man is Service to God

Manavata (Humanity) Is symbol of selfless service, empathy and an attempt to serve needy without expecting anything like name, fame or money. Manavata is a not-for-profit, secular, voluntary organization, working for the development of the Society. It is a common Platform For Many Volunteers And Social Service Organizations. (Registration Number: Regd. No. 3417 / 01)

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Manavata Fund For Natural Disaster Emergency Relief event is conducting at on Monday, 17 Oct 2005 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

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When : Monday, 17 Oct 2005
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Phone : 9966673111



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Around 350 villages effected by recent floods in Konaseema and some of the villages still left in water. this devastated disaster made many people homeless. still relief aid from govt. and NGOs couldn't reach many of the villages. no food and no drinking water for some of the villages.

Our Manavata flood relief team of 10 volunteers are doing good work and helping their bit in some of the villages. Recently they have been doing food and water distribution in one of the village called Kotha lanka in Konaseema to around 1000 victims.
As per their report, still there is 5 to 8 feet level water on the streets in some of the villages, some of the houses are still in water. people felt very happy when they received food from Manavata flood relief team. Another group of volunteer will be joining tomorrow to cover other villages.

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:36 by - Srinivasa Chowdary

Dear Motovator and inspirer,
The distribution process is over . With your motivation , we strongly worked for gathering raw food, money for 15 days. we also sent 3 Lorries of grass (vatti gaddi) to narayanalanka , addamki vari lanka . we are very happy with the distribution process.
Members of manavata and sphruha worked day and night .
for 4 days, we stayed at puudipalli area(agency area) . with rice given by our team ,villagers prepared food for our team they told that "aakali badha maaku telusu" that is also moment of happiness.
thank you for motivation for servicing the poor people
Manavata-Mandapeta/Ramachandrapuram Chapters

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:36 by - Prasad Nimmakayala

Hai Annayya, v.s.m college students was collecting floodrelief fund 10,000+manavata fund 2000.We baught 2000 note books &1000pens.Our princepal and NCC(navy&army),NSS officers&students are going to Konaseema most effected areas 3Velleges and supply the books&pens in all schools.

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:36 by - Paddaraju


Manavata Fund For Natural Disaster Emergency Relief needs some helping hands to help Poor and Needy People. Please Donate and save lives.

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