Save Life: Mr. Ganapathy Needs Kidney Transplantation

Appeal to Help the needy: Manavata is raising funds to help an unfortunate person Mr. Ganapathy in Chennai. Ganapathy is struggling with his kidney problem. Doctors finally decided for his kidney transplantation. Problem is, No one in the family is in a p


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Save Life: Mr. Ganapathy Needs Kidney Transplantation event is conducting at Please Enter Venue on Thursday, 29 Sep 2005 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

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Where : Please Enter Venue
When : Thursday, 29 Sep 2005 to Sunday, 15 Aug 2004
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hi srinivas, sakthi and myself visited ganapthy today. seems last weekend he was having high temperature but the doc said that there was nothing wrong with the physique but tension in he mind so i sort of lightly scolded him to b positive and asked ramani not to allow him to wallow in thoughts like this and i have got a print out of the estimation dr.vijayakumar has given the amount is clsoe to 2.9 lacks tomorrow i will talk to vamsi and try talking to charles as to ascertain if there are other people helping him other than that, i talked to them about providing livelihood i think a bunk shop(potti kadai)would bebetter i ahve asked them to gather information about the monetary aspects and prepare a estaimate so that they also know how much they need ... and also they will also be involved so we need to loook into this also more on this i will send from office after talking to vamsi i am sendign from home... can u please forward this mail to vamsi`s patni id also...? thanks & regards nithya

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:35 by - Nithya

Hi Nithya, Thanks for the update! your follow is greatly appreciated. I hope Ganapathy and his family must have got enough moral boost with your visit. As surgery is very near, pls keep calling them and giving support. Regarding cost, let us follow up with other donors also and we will make sure to get enough funds. how about earlier estimation.. they have given operation cost as 1.5 lacs earlier.. why they have increased now? can we request them for concession in fee. Potti Kadai is good idea.. initially they can start with small investment.. slowly they develop it. pls let me know the initial investment on this

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:35 by - Srinivasa chowdary

Nithya - Thanks for the update Srinu - They gave the estimation including Post trasplantation cost also (Which is coming around 1.2 Lakhs). The below is the break up they have mentioned in the Estimate. Donor Investigation : 16,000/- Disposables : 25,000/- Hospitalization Charges : 50,000/- Surgeon and Anesthetist : 35,000/- Tissue typing & Cross-Matching : 10,000/- Nephrologist fees : 20,000/- Drugs during hospital stay : 8,000/- Cyclosporine : 11,000/- Total Transplantation Cost : 1,75,000/- Post Transplantation Cyclosporine and other drugs for one year: 1,20,00/-

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:35 by - Vamsi

Hi Srinivas, Just talked to Dr.ViajayKumar regarding Ganapathy`s condition. He asked me not to worry and told me that we can conduct the operation successfully on September 30th. I was also discussing the cost and told him that we have around 2l left and that we are worried about the post operative care required. Dr said he will get in touch with other charities and try getting the support for post operative care. So I guess, we can rest assured that Ganapathy`s postoperative care will be taken care of. We can give a cheque to Kaliappa Renal Centre. Please advice course of action. Nithya

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:35 by - Nithya

Hi Nithya, Good to hear this news from Doctor. Let us hope for the best. Regarding donations we have balance of around 2.3 lacs in total at the moment (I will let you know exact balance soon). Let us try to follow up with other donors and get some more donations at later stage. if total cost is 2.9 including post operation support we can take care of that. Just keep Ganapthy and his family in confidence and let them not worry about this as operation is very near. How much amount do we need to pay to the hospital at the moment? we can issue the cheque 1 lac from vamsi`s a/c and rest from Manavata a/c. FYI: Cheques to be issued to the hospital and receipt to be taken on the name of Viswa Manavata Samstha. Vamsi can talk to prakash in hyderabad and ask him to send the cheque for this amount. Thanks & Regards Srinivasa Chowdary

Posted on- 2014-06-23 17:10:35 by - Srinivasa chowdary


Save Life: Mr. Ganapathy Needs Kidney Transplantation needs some helping hands to help Poor and Needy People. Please Donate and save lives.

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